With the ownership of a fireplace comes the big responsibility of maintaining it and keeping it clean. This is necessary for more than just cosmetic reasons, and it is important even in areas where people use their fireplaces only occasionally. One of the good things about fireplace cleanups is that this is a job you can do on your own. This is not like the chimney that requires the attention of a professional to ensure safety. Here are some of the good reasons why you should ignore your fireplace.

The Presence of Greasy Black Soot

The chimney is not the only place where greasy soot can develop. After a few months of using the fireplace, the inside walls can also have this build up which you can feel by reaching inside. If it starts to burn the next time you use the fireplace, the fire can quickly spread to the chimney. This grease buildup can worsen each time you use the chimney. This can create a blockage which will cause smoke and harmful chimney gases to enter the home.

Inefficient Fires

If you know how to build a quick burning fire but your usual methods are not working there could be an issue with airflow. Cleaning the fireplace and chimney regularly maintains proper airflow and helps fires to use fuel efficiently. With a clean fireplace and chimney, fires will burn longer with less help. If you are having problems with your fires contact a chimney technician.

Odors from the Fireplace

This is something you may notice whether or not you are using the fireplace. If bad smells overpower the natural scent of burning wood, this could indicate a problem with draft system. Bad fireplace odors also come from excess creosote, so keeping the fireplace and chimney clean will help in avoiding this.

The inner components of the chimney are vital for overall efficiency. Keeping them in good condition will make your fires hotter and cleaner, and make maintenance easier. The chimney damper plays an important role in maintaining proper air flow. You should report any problems to a chimney sweep early so you deal with repairs before the next winter.

Do your part by cleaning up the fireplace area after each fire, but first, make sure that the ashes have cooled. If your fireplace has glass doors, you can buy cleaning products to keep them looking good. You will also need cleaning solutions for the walls of the fireplace.

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