Getting your fireplace and chimney ready for the cold season should always involve some attention to the issue of safety. You will enjoy curling up in front of the fireplace more if you know that you have taken all necessary steps to make it a safe atmosphere. Follow some of these tips to ensure that your winter season can be warm and safe.

  1. Always check to see that the flue or damper is open before starting a fire. A closed damper will cause smoke and fumes to back up in the chimney and then reach other parts of the house.
  2. You should only close the damper after the fire is fully extinguished. Then you will not have to worry about fumes while preventing heat loss.
  3. If your fireplace has a glass front, make sure that children stay away from it while a fire is going. After the fire dies, the glass and frame will remain hot for a while.
  4. Keep ash from building up in your fireplace. This slows the burning of logs, and produces more smoke.
  5. If your fireplace uses a remote control, always keep it out of the reach of children. Talk to them about the dangers of being too close to the fire.
  6. Buy a protective screen to put in front of the glass. Do not use a screen unless it is approved by the manufacturer for your fireplace.
  7. Use only well seasoned wood to slow creosote buildup in the chimney. Dried wood also produces less smoke.
  8. Consider installing a protective barrier with a gate if you have very young children in the home. These can be bolted to the wall to create enough space between your child and the fireplace.
  9. Keep anything flammable away from the front of the fireplace. These include books and newspapers.
  10. Check your carbon monoxide detectors regularly and replace the batteries when necessary. Make sure you have enough of them installed in the home.
  11. Do not leave a fire burning in an empty house. If you have to go out, put out the fire first.
  12. Get a chimney professional to check your system at least once per year.

Every home with a fireplace should have at least one fire extinguisher. Even with all the safety steps in place, you should be prepared if something goes wrong. Consider us your next line of defense in creating a safe zone for your fireplace and chimney. We’re CSIA Certified chimney sweeps and we provide all types of chimney services to both homeowners and commercial property owners.

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