The saying out of sight, out of mind is never truer than it is in regards to the chimney liner. How often do you look at your chimney and think about what’s going on behind the brick or rock facade? People rarely think about the interior of the chimney and whether or not it is functioning as it should. That’s one of many reasons you need to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep at least once a year if you use your chimney even a few times per year.

What is the Chimney Liner?

The chimney liner is a tube of sorts that fits within the chimney walls. It comes into direct contact with the smoke and gases that are created by the fireplace and protects the surrounding brick from damage. It also protects the inhabitants of your home from risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A damaged chimney liner can allow smoke and carbon monoxide to enter your home.

Are there Different Types of Chimney Liners?

Yes, there are three different types of chimney liners. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • Clay liners are the most popular type and are generally found in older homes. They are a good option, but they don’t offer optimal containment or protection in the event of a chimney fire.
  • Cast in place chimney liners are quite literally cement that is cast into the existing chimney to create the liner. Installation and relining can be quite expensive, especially if the liner is required to bend.
  • Metal chimney liners are very popular with new construction because they’re the easiest to install and they’re relatively inexpensive. They last a good long time when they’re properly covered and protected from the elements.

What Does the Chimney Liner Do?

The chimney liner is designed to withstand heat and allow smoke and dangerous gases to exit the fireplace. It becomes very dirty and caked with creosote over time through normal use. Creosote is very flammable and can cause a chimney fire if it comes into contact with open flame or a spark.

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