If you own a home with a fireplace then you should know how important it is to make sure that you take care of your chimney properly. Water penetration is a major cause for damage and deterioration of the chimney. By waterproofing now, you will save money by protecting your chimney from expensive repairs and extend the life of your chimney for years.

Nobody wants a chimney leak, that’s for sure. Here I will give you a few reasons on how a chimney can leak.

  • No chimney cap- not having a chimney cap, means that all bad weather can go straight down inside your chimney. This problem will be solved after having a chimney cap inserted.
  • Fireplace flashing is cracked or torn- most people know what the flashing is, but there are many who don’t. Flashing is the aluminum material that wraps around the base of your chimney on the top of your roof and it bends over the side of the chimney and shingles. The flashing is designed to keep water leaking from the roof and chimney. Using a sealing product around your flashing will prevent leaks.
  • Cracks in the chimney crown- the chimney crown is the cemented surface located at the top of the chimney. The function of this is to keep rain out, but if this becomes cracked then water will seep in and cause problems. Problems such as freezing water, the more it’s repeated the bigger the cracks will get if this is left untreated.
  • Cracks in your mortar joints and brick- if cracks start happening here then water will fall through the chimney and into your house. If your chimney is located in a shady area on either side, then it will stay wet longer and the bricks will absorb the water causing this to go into your home. A Masonry Absorption Test will be performed to see how long it takes for water to be absorbed into the bricks- this method is done by using a test tube. If there is a leak then a brick specialty sealant will be used to prevent water from leaking inside.

If you would like to be able to enjoy your nice, warm, crackling fire every year then you should always keep a watch on your chimney. If you spot something wrong then go ahead and give us a call and we will take care of the problem for you.

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