During the hot days of summer, most people don’t even think about their chimney. It’s not hard to imagine why, if you only light up the fireplace for warmth during the fall and winter. It’s pretty easy to forget chimney maintenance during the summer months. But some people think that fall is the safest time to deal with a chimney inspection since there will be no snow. However you could be setting yourself up for problems.

Fall Temperatures

You might expect that you will not have to use your fireplace until the winter season, but this is not always the case. Many homeowners start to use their fireplaces in fall. If you don’t get an inspection in summer, you might schedule an appointment for a time when you actually need to use the fireplace and chimney. The sweep can still perform a detailed inspection, but cooler weather can make some types of repairs difficult. Simply put, if you get all of this out of the way in the summer, you know that you can use the chimney as soon as the temperature starts to drop.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections are done in three stages, and the more invasive examinations are difficult to do in cold weather. The first type will involve checking out a chimney that is supposedly in good physical shape. These chimneys might be new, or reasonably new, or the sweep may have carried out repairs or more detailed inspections previously. The level 2 inspection goes a little further, possibly with checks of the flue. The sweep may use a camera to check the creosote deposits and look for signs of damage. At this time a determination can be made about repairs. Level three inspections are most common with older chimneys, chimneys that have not been inspected in a while, or in cases where there is thought to be structural damage. A sweep will also carry out a level three inspection if there was a chimney fire at some point.

If you are considering leaving the chimney inspection until fall, you should change your plans. You can do a lot of stuff outdoors at this time; cold weather can hamper the technician’s ability to carry out repairs. There is also a chance you could get caught in the fall rush as homeowners try to get their chimneys inspected before winter hits.

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