Chimney repair can get quite extensive and expensive if you don’t catch problems early and nip them in the bud. Damaged mortar can be repaired with relative ease, but a collapsed chimney is another matter altogether. Delaware County is full of amazingly beautiful chimneys that only need a little TLC to be perfectly working appliances. Chimney maintenance isn’t nearly as tedious as some are led to believe; all we do is inspect, clean, repair if needed, and apply waterproofing products as necessary.

Call us if you notice any changes to your chimney, including:

  • Spalling (crumbling, cracking, or flaking of the brick or metal)
  • Damaged crown or cap
  • Water or moisture in the fireplace
  • Damaged chimney flashing
  • Cracks between the brick or stone

Lou Curley’s chimney repair services vary widely in an effort to suite any and all of your chimney repair needs. Regardless of the damage that had already been done to your chimney, we have repair services that will make your chimney brand new and no longer a dangerous threat to the rest of your home. Here are the services that we provide:

  • Crown Repair: The crown of your chimney is essential to keeping water and moisture away from the rest of the chimney. If the crown of the chimney is damaged, it can cause water or moisture damage to the chimney. The repair includes a new concrete crown and coats of sealant to make the crown waterproof.
  • Waterproofing: Water can cause a masonry chimney to deteriorate quickly. Waterproofing keeps water damage from occurring, but it must be reapplied as directed.
  • Firebox Repair: The firebox of your chimney experiences the hottest part of burning a fire in your fireplace. The excessive heat can wear out the bricks of the chimney. In this case, we provide re-pointing and rebuilding, and offer the use of special material that will help to protect the firebox from the extreme heat.
  • Smoke Chamber Repair: The smoke chamber is important for containing the heat, smoke, and all other components of combustion. However, some chimneys have smoke chambers that have been poorly built or lack the ability to properly contain the combustion materials.
  • We also offer: minor brick or stone pointing on the outside of the chimney, smoke stain removal, and any problems that are associated with the proper functionality of your chimney.

Aside from chimney repair, Lou Curley also offers chimney leak repair, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney relining, and chimney replacement parts. Regardless of your chimney repair needs, we have well-trained and experienced professionals who are ready to take on the task of repairing your damaged chimney.

We’re located in Delaware County and provide top notch chimney services to the surrounding counties and townships as well. We’re well versed in the way the entire heating system works together and how it should perform as long as everything is in good working condition. We attend classes every year to gain more knowledge about our craft as well as to continually improve the quality of work we can offer you. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation for chimney services.