The chimney has always been a symbol of warmth, of family, and of holiday cheer. There are, however, several interesting stories about the chimney that are rarely told. We decided to keep today’s blog post light and easy to read – packed with humor in one form or another. So let’s take a look at some of the strange things that have been found in the chimney.


Yes, you read that correctly. Burglars have been discovered within the confines of the chimney. They often claim that they were trying to inspect something and fell into the chimney. One such burglar was a 16-year-old family friend who attempted to burglarize an elderly woman, and another was dressed in a Santa suit. Guess he figured out that Santa really does have magical powers after all.

Storage by Small Animals

Mice and other small animals often seek out safe spots to store their winter food and create a nice home for their young. The area between the chimney cap and the flue is often used as food storage for small creatures like squirrels or mice who intend to use the area during the winter months. Unfortunately for them, this is not the safe haven they were seeking.

Money or Other Valuables

New homeowners should always request a chimney inspection before using the chimney in their newly purchased home. You never know when you may uncover some long-hidden treasury bonds, bank notes, or cold hard cash. Homeowners hid money and other valuables in odd places throughout history, and the chimney is no exception.

Cleaning Devices

Some homeowners enjoy doing home improvements and cleaning as DIY projects, and this includes cleaning the chimney. We’ve retrieved gloves, brushes, and other cleaning materials from the interior of the chimney throughout the years.

Raccoons and Small Animals

We’ve shared the story of a lady who came home to discover she had a new pet. Okay, not really. An adult female raccoon had entered the home through the chimney and made herself at home in the kitchen while the homeowner was out. The homeowner walked into her home and saw the tip of the raccoon’s tail flick around the door facing toward the kitchen. She quickly realized the animal she’d just seen was not her cat.

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