Dryer vent fires happen more often than most people think. However, by learning to identify the warning signs, these can often be prevented. Many of the signs can be easily detected and dealt with without too much effort. Five of the most common signs that can indicate problems with your clothes dyer are looked at below.

  • Clothes are not always fully dried after a cycle.
  • Clothes are hotter than normal after drying. You may also notice that the dryer is hot to the touch. These two signs together is a clear indication that the dryer is not working as it should.
  • Your laundry takes longer than normal to dry. If your clothes are taking two to three times the normal time to dry, you need to check your dryer. This also means that your dryer is working more than it should, which will result in wear and tear.
  • The scent of the clothes is musty rather than clean. This is a result of the length of time it takes for them to dry properly. You may also notice a burning odor. This is an indication that there is a buildup of lint which is overheating. It is this overheating that results in a fire since lint is flammable.
  • The hood flap of the dryer lint vent does not open easily. This is an indication that lint has built up around the vent and is restricting the air flow.
  • Once you know the signs, you can take steps to prevent a dryer vent fire. Some things that contribute to a malfunctioning dryer are:
  • A vent hose that is not longer than it needs to be. The longer the vent hose the greater the likelihood that lint will build up inside it.
  • Not cleaning the vent will result in excess lint. You should make sure that your dryer vent is cleaned at least annually.
  • The more bends there are in a dryer vent, the more lint will accumulate leading to problems.

Dryer vent fires can easily be prevented if you start paying attention to the items discussed above. Of course, you should always have your dryer serviced by an experience technician at least once per year. If you use your dryer heavily, it is even more important to have it checked by a professional. An added benefit of a professional dryer vent cleaning is that the improved efficiency will help cut your electricity bill.

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