Spring and summer are the perfect times to open the windows, air things out, and get your home clean and fresh. Many times, spring cleaning and summer beach trips lead to piles of laundry – from bedding to towels, to that once yearly wash for your window dressings. Your dryer may be working double duty, which makes it the perfect time to think about the reasons behind cleaning your dryer vents.

Stay Efficient

Without the ability to vent properly, your dryer is unable to operate at maximum efficiency. Dryers are designed to work with venting in mind, and without that venting your machine will have to work harder to do the same job. Keeping dryer ducts clean will allow your machine to operate at the efficiency it was designed for and increase its useful life.

Stay Safe

Would you be surprised to know that thousands of home fires are caused each year in the US by dryer vent problems? Most of us follow the advice in the dryer to clean the lint trap before each load. However, even if you are diligent about it, some small amounts of lint are still able to bypass the filter and enter your dryer ducts. Keeping them cleaned out helps to prevent overheating and the fires it can cause.

Stay Fresh

Your dryer’s ducts create a path from your appliance to the outside of your house in order to vent smoke, carbon monoxide, and other byproducts safely away from your home. If the path is blocked, these byproducts have nowhere to go except for back into your living space, and your clean air. Keeping the way clear will allow venting so you can continue to breathe fresh, clean air in your home.

Cleaning the Dryer Vents

Dryer ducts and vents should be inspected and cleaned out at least every 2-3 years. Depending on usage and the duct design, you may need cleaning more or less often. A professional cleaner will be able to look at your equipment and setup and recommend a cleaning schedule for your vents.

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