Animals can cause a lot of problems inside and outside of your home. While you have probably gone around and made sure that you do not have any holes that they can get into around the base of your home, have you thought about your chimney? Did you even know that animals can crawl into your chimney and turn it into their winter home?Animals and Your Chimney - Delaware County PA - Lou Curley's Chimney Service

Problems Animals Can Cause in Your Chimney

Some animals can get themselves out of your chimney once they get in, but others cannot. Either way, these animals can cause quite a few problems inside your chimney. Here are a few of the problems that we see the most:

  • Noise from animals scurrying around
  • Animal droppings
  • Food scraps
  • Nesting materials
  • Dead animals that smell

How Animals Enter Your Chimney

Animals can be quite sneaky, and they will find the smallest opening available to enter your chimney. Therefore, if you have a chimney cap, but it is damaged, they will figure it out. If you do not have a chimney cap, they will take advantage of that large hole and invite themselves in and make themselves right at home.

Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney

The only way to keep animals out of your chimney is to install a chimney cap or a top sealing damper. The best type of chimney cap will have a cage surrounding it so that there is no space for an animal to take advantage of.

If you believe that you have had animals in your chimney or that you have one in there right now, you are going to want to have a professional chimney sweep come and clean out your chimney. They will be able to clean out any of the debris that the animals brought into your chimney as well as get rid of any animals that may have died in there. You cannot leave these animals or any of their debris in your chimney, because a chimney fire can begin easily from all that debris and that would be worse than the animals themselves.

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