Nothing helps the time pass comfortably during a blizzard than a blazing fire in your fireplace. It’s important to prepare your fireplace and chimney ahead of time so that you can use them without problems or worries during the cold winter months. Here are some tips for preparing your fireplace for the coming winter season.

One great step you can take towards keeping your chimney safe and clean is scheduling a professional inspection and chimney sweeping. Removing creosote buildup from the inner walls of the chimney is one of the most important safety measure you can take, greatly reducing the risk of unwanted fires. A certified chimney sweep has been trained to examine the condition of your fireplace and chimney and make sure everything is working properly and safely, as well as making recommendations for any necessary repairs.

Checking the gaskets on your fireplace doors, damper, and ask dump is another important step in preparing your fireplace for use. Without a proper seal, too much air can leak into the firebox and this can cause damage to your fireplace that is sometimes permanent.

In addition to a general cleaning, make sure that if your fireplace is equipped with a blower, the dust and dirt is cleaned from it as well. If your blower accumulates too much dust on its blades, it can change the balance, putting stress on the bearings. This can cause them to wear out prematurely. Blowers should be checked and cleaned regularly.

In addition to maintenance and cleaning, your chimney inspector will be able to tell you about any needed repairs or replacements in the masonry. If bricks are broken or deteriorated, it can expose the steel body of the firebox and the temperature inside the chimney can get too high, causing permanent damage. High temperatures can also make your fireplace unsafe and increase fire risk.

After your chimney is inspected, cleaned, and repaired, it will be good as new and ready to provide a cozy atmosphere throughout the winter months.

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