Water getting into the chimney can damage the masonry and prevent the chimney from working efficiently. Thankfully, there are things you can do to waterproof your chimney. Some you can do by yourself and others, you will need the help of a professional chimney sweep to ensure the work is done properly.


In areas where heavy rainfall is a part of life or where there is lots of thawing after the winter season, you should consider waterproofing your chimney. This is a job for the professionals since they will need to use special waterproofing material. Discuss with them what types of material they are using and ask questions. The best type of waterproofing material used on chimneys should allow the walls to breathe. This is a preventative measure and is therefore best done after repairs to the chimney to prevent any further water damage.

If your chimney is new, you can minimize or prevent future water damage by applying good water repellant to the masonry. It is also important to know that waterproofing material does not last forever. In general, when applied properly, and the material is of good quality, it can last for approximately 20 years.

Minor Fixes

In addition to applying water repellant, you should ensure that the rain cover or cap is always on and that it is in good condition. This simple item also helps to prevent lots of other chimney issues as well, such as keeping birds from nesting in the flue. Replace masonry as soon as you notice any signs of damage such as spalling or cracks.

The right type of material will help to extend the life of your chimney as well as reduce maintenance costs. Repairing water damaged masonry and other chimney components can become an expensive project, especially for a poorly maintained chimney.

As a responsible homeowner, you need to make chimney maintenance and care a regular part of home maintenance. This way you will catch lots of issues, such as water soaked masonry and missing caps before any major damage occurs.

Note of Caution

If you decide to apply the waterproofing material yourself, make sure to get a good quality product. Secondly, ensure that you cover important areas such as the crown, the chimney body, and the flashing. We recommend ChimneySaver products because they are easy to apply and very effective at repelling water.

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