Not too many people think about their chimney during the warmer months, because they are not using their fireplace. It is almost like their fireplace does not even exist during these warmer months and it is easier to avoid that end of the season maintenance and cleanup. This can be dangerous for many reasons and everyone should take the proper precautions with their chimney during the summer months.

Even though the fireplace is not being used during the spring and the summer, it does not mean that the chimney is safe and in good condition. Oftentimes homeowners will find that the room with the fireplace in it will have a strange and smelly odor during the warmer months. This can be caused from the creosote buildup in the chimney and the odor becomes worse with the increase in humidity and temperatures. We recommend having the chimney cleaned to prevent the majority of the odors from getting into the house.

The damper should be closely inspected when the fireplace is no longer in use. If the damper is not closing properly, then hot air will be able to enter the house through the chimney or cold air from the air conditioned house can escape through the chimney. A damper that is fully functional will help keep the cooling bills down.

We always recommend that people have their chimneys inspected and cleaned during the summer months and there are many reasons for this. First of all, if a homeowner gets this task accomplished during the warmer months they will not have to wait to use their fireplace when the weather suddenly turns cold and their chimney company is completely booked. If there is any structural damage to a chimney, it can usually be fixed easier during the warmer months. There will not have to be delays in the repairs due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

During the spring, animals may decide that the chimney looks like the perfect home for their growing family and a chimney can become blocked. If the blockage is removed quickly there will be less damage to the inside of the chimney.

Every homeowner needs to take a little bit of time during their summer to make sure that their chimney is structurally safe and not filled with creosote. This will save homeowners’ time during the colder months when they really want to use their fireplace to heat their homes.

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