We realize that you’re not going to have a fire burning inside your fireplace during the hot days of summer, but there are still some dangers that lurk near your hearth. You may not have to worry about your children getting burned, but they can still get hurt if you haven’t taken the proper precautions.

Here are 4 things that you should do to keep your children safe around your fireplace:

Close the Glass Doors

You should keep the glass doors to your fireplace closed at all times, so that your child cannot crawl into your fireplace. In a child’s mind, a fireplace can be the perfect hide and seek spot or the perfect “what can I get into?” moment. If you know that your child can open the glass doors, you may want to consider placing a baby gate around the fireplace or installing a lock.

Pad Your Hearth

The edges of many fireplace hearths are hard and while your children are playing, they may fall and hit their head or other body part. This type of fall can cause a concussion or even a broken bone. There are many types of padding available that is fireproof and you can leave it on your hearth year-round.

Keep Toys and Other Children’s Items away from Your Fireplace

Even though there is not a fire in your fireplace during the summer, it is not the time to start keeping toys and other items near the fireplace. Your child is not going to be able to understand why they can do it now and not during the winter months. To avoid confusion, you should keep the same rules and standards for the entire year.

Remove Fire Tools

Children have a tendency to get bored on rainy days and everyday items can turn into a fun new toy to play with. If you still have your fireplace poker or shovel next to the fireplace, your children may try to play with them, and that could be an accident waiting to happen. These items should be packed away when your fireplace is not in use and your children should never have access to them.

Curb Childlike Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, which helps them learn as they are growing. They can’t help but try new things, even when what they want to do isn’t safe. You can try to deter them and keep accidents from happening near your fireplace with a little advance planning and preparation. It’s our responsibility as parents and caregivers to teach and protect our children.

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