From the outside, a chimney seems like a simple structure, but like many other areas of your home, there much more to it than meets the eye. Understanding the anatomy of your chimney is very important, especially if something were to go wrong. One of the most important components is the chimney liner, or the flue. This is a conduit that channels the heat away from the walls of the chimney and the house itself. This helps the structure to last longer, and it is a requirement in most areas.

The constant exposure to heat will begin to affect the liner after some time. The extent of the deterioration will depend on how well the chimney is maintained. If the liner becomes worn, a complete replacement might not be necessary. Homeowners now have options like the Heat Shield Chimney Repair and Resurfacing System.

Dangers of Liner Damage

Chimney restoration can be an expensive process, but it can be even more expensive to ignore the damage. One option is to reline the chimney using a stainless steel chimney liner. The HeatShield® system makes this step unnecessary. In addition, you will not have to worry about the problems related to the breakdown of concrete.

When the chimney liner starts to break down, it can actually be dangerous to use the chimney. Dangerous gases can seep through the cracks and enter the home. HeatShield® not only repairs the chimney and vents the gases; it will also extend the life of the chimney.

Restoration Using HeatShield®

This product can deal with the two main aspects of chimney damage; worn joints and damaged flue. The Joint Repair System can be used to fill in cracks and spaces in the mortar to seal the system. The Resurfacing System will coat the entire chimney flue if there are any signs that is has begun to break down. An initial primer coat is applied before the sealant is applied to ensure long term protection. The system will then be checked to ensure that the repair is sound. A sleeve relining system is also available for chimneys with severe flue liner damage.

You will probably have a number of questions about the effectiveness of this system. At Lou Curley’s Chimney Service we can tell you what you need to know about it, and how it can save you money on chimney repairs on the Main Line. Remember to get your chimney inspected regularly so you can detect problems early.