Did you know that an appliance in your home can pose a risk to your family’s safety? Most people simply cannot imagine living without a dryer, but it can be dangerous without the right kind of maintenance. Doing some research before making this type of purchase offers some amount of protection. There have been cases of dryer recalls or fires occurring due to what was later determined to be faulty design. Find out if the any product you are considering is on a list of recalled products.

While faulty products are sometimes to blame, you could be increasing your own risk as well. Some of the possible reasons for this are:

  • Damage to the exhaust vent which will keep the hot air from escaping
  • Poor dryer vent installation
  • Using unsuitable materials for the venting system
  • Putting combustible items inside the dryer

The chief cause of these fires is the failure to clean the venting system on a regular basis. A chimney sweep will tell you a the few simple tasks you can do to minimize the accumulation of lint. This is not a long term solution, as your chimney sweep will still have to visit to clear out the ducts completely.

You should check the ducts after each drying session to see if the dryer produces more lint than it should. Focus on the area directly behind the dryer, as this is where most of the lint tends to build up. If there is clutter around the dryer this can affect the way it operates. So give it the best chance to work properly by keeping the dryer in a clean space.

Dryer manufacturers specify the appropriate types of ducts to use for their products, so follow these recommendations. Semi rigid metal ducts are usually the most suitable for these appliances. It is much easier for lint to get caught in plastic ducts. Have the ducts examined for only for the material, but also to ensure that the design allows proper airflow.

If you buy the right dryer, have the system professionally cleaned and perform basic maintenance yourself, you will be doing your part to protect your home and family. Anyone who owns a dryer should wonder about the possible risk, but you can put your fears to rest with help from a chimney sweep.

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