You may think that your chimney is doing okay this winter, especially if it is pulling the smoke up and out of your home from all those fires you’ve been burning. However, the harsh winter weather we have been having may be wreaking havoc on your chimney and you may be none the wiser.Harsh Winter & Your Chimney - Delaware County PA - Lou Curley's Chimney

Here are a couple of ways that your chimney could be affected from this horrible winter weather:

Water Damage

All that snow and freezing rain that has been falling from the sky has also been hitting your home. That means that it has been hitting the outside of your chimney and possibly finding its way to the inside of your chimney too. If you have small cracks in any of your masonry, all that snow and freezing rain will get inside and freeze. As it freezes, it will cause the masonry to expand and the crack will get larger. That will allow more water to seep inside and this cycle will continue until the damage becomes significant. We recommend having your chimney inspected regularly and having these small cracks repaired, so that they do not become a larger problem.


Animals really dislike the cold days of winter, just like us, so they are always looking for a warm place to stay. Your chimney is going to be nice and toasty from all those fires you burn, so if there is a chance that they can get inside your chimney, they will. Once most animals get inside a chimney, they cannot get out, and that can cause a blockage that will make it unsafe for you to use your chimney. If you do not have a chimney cap, or if it is damaged, we recommend that you have it fixed or replaced immediately. That will prevent any creatures from trying to build their next home in your chimney.

Chimneys have been built to withstand harsh winters as long as they have been properly maintained. That means that any issues have been repaired immediately and nothing has been left until it gets a little worse. After all, chimneys play an important role in our homes and we need to make sure that they are always fully operational and safe. If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned or inspected recently, then it might be time to make a call and have that taken care of. You’ll be happy you did on that next cold, harsh winter day.

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