Through the years homeowners who have fireplaces will eventually need help with minor chimney repairs. Some don’t think about it until something goes wrong. As long as there are no major issues with the chimney or fireplace, all is well for some. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. It’s easy to skip an annual inspection unless you schedule it ahead of time and mark it on your calendar. Some people don’t really burn fires, or use their fireplace, so they don’t see an inspection as necessary. The truth of the matter is that an inspection is very important even if the fireplace isn’t used on a regular basis.

Water Damage Protection

It is important to call a chimney sweep to waterproof your chimney even if you don’t use it on a regular basis. Rain, moisture, and other elements can easily seep into the chimney and cause problems from the inside out. This can lead to things like mold, spalling, cracking, and other issues. If there’s any sort of structural damage to the interior of the walls, you will not see them from the lawn looking up toward the exterior of the chimney. No one really looks on the interior of a chimney, with the exception of chimney sweeps or homeowners who notice something isn’t quite right. Getting a quick look at what could be going wrong, will allow for protection against water, which can destroy slowly.

Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, and Repairs

There’s never a better time to look into replacing, or even repairing your chimney than in the off season. Very few homeowners build a fire in the fireplace during the summer. Occasionally a fire will be built for a romantic evening in with one’s partner, but other than that summertime fireplace usage is very low. Take this time to call us and schedule your chimney inspection. We’ll take care of all of the cleaning, repairs, and preventative maintenance measures.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

The one thing that is hard to put a price tag on is peace of mind. You can’t really buy that, and if you could, it would be super expensive. However, knowing that your fireplace, roofing, and chimney are not going to cause you any problems is a good thing. It will allow you to feel free to start a fire, or at least know that when it rains, you’re not going to have to deal with watery issues.

Inspections may not seem grand for the most part. However, much like the human body needs annual physicals, a fireplace could use a look to see if anything is going awry. It’s best to catch problems before they start, than to have to work backwards to repair damage that wasn’t spotted because of negligence. Peace of mind is as simple as looking into after season fireplace and chimney inspections for your home.