It’s always good to have options, and in the home, this is not only convenient, it can mean cutting costs here and there. Home heating is an essential expense, but over the years we have learned that gas is not the only way to go. Here is a look at some of these alternatives and a few facts that can help to decide which one is best for your home.

Wood Stoves

This is an economical way to heat the home, and it gives it a cozy feel. According to some people, it is warmer than other heating methods. You can save even more money by using wood from your own property. Finding the right wood can be a challenge sometimes. Maintenance is another issue which puts off some people. Aside from cleaning ash, wood burning produces creosote, which can be a fire hazard.

Pellet Stoves

As the name suggests, these stoves produce heat through the burning of pellets. These are usually made of wood, but other types of organic materials can be used. They are easy to use, and you can leave it alone while the fire is going. It produces less smoke and creosote, and the fire leave less ash behind. Before installing one, make sure that there is a ready supply of pellets. Some people end up buying the wrong size, so get advice based on the square footage of the room you plan to install it in.

The Fireplace

This is the preferred option for many, and it works as interior design element as well. You can buy products such as grills and screens to enhance safety. They produce adequate heat, although the fire sometimes needs tending. The major downside is the regular maintenance a fireplace needs. Internal chimney components like the flue must be checked for damage or rust which can affect its operation. Burning wood produces creosote which requires removal at least once a year. You will also have to clean out the ash after each use for proper wood burning.

You can find the kind of alternative heating method you need to fit any size room. To make them even more convenient, you should have a dry place to store your fuel. You can use any one of these stoves to provide supplemental heating and save on your overall heating costs.

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