Efficiency is essential for major appliances because they are expensive and they are frequently used. Anyone who invests in a quality dryer expects it to last for years. Since these appliances are used often, they should be energy efficient so homeowners can save money. Large appliances are responsible for much of the energy usage in your home. Poor maintenance can affect the way they operate, and cause them to use more energy. A prime example is the clothes dryer, and appliance that relies on proper venting to maintain its energy efficiency. If these vents are not clear, the dryer will have to work harder to push heated air out of the system.Cleaning Your Dryer Vent - Delaware County - Lou Curley's Chimney Service

Why Clean the Vents

When your dryer vents are clear, one cycle is usually enough to dry a load of clothes. If the dryer has difficulty removing water because the vents are clogged, one cycle will not be enough. You will have to run the same load again, maybe more than once to get them to dry properly. This can add up to more than $20 extra on your electricity bill each month.

Additional drying time or repeated drying puts stress on the dryer’s heating element. If it gets burned out, you will need to call for repairs to the appliance. This can shorten the life of the dryer, so you will soon have to find money for a replacement. When the vents are clean, the dryer will function normally, without additional stress on the heating element.

Keeping the Dryer Efficient

The steps to maintaining the efficiency of this appliance include:

  • Get the vents inspected and cleaned at least once every year.
  • Empty out the lint trap after drying a load of clothes
  • Vacuum out the lint trap and the opening of the vent occasionally
  • Give the dryer a break of roughly 20 minutes to cool off between loads
  • Check the dryer exhaust flap outside to make sure that it is opening and closing

A technician will use a powerful vacuum to clear out the vent system. Another tool the technician has is a long brush that can follow the bends in the line. Using the brush to push out trapped lint while vacuuming will give the system a thorough cleaning. The technician will also clean up after the work is done.

Talk to the technician about the design of your vent system if you feel there may be problems. If necessary, get a cap for the vent exhaust to keep birds and small animals from getting in.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Drexel Hill

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