Homeowners have a tendency to forget about certain elements of their home – out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. Home improvement on the regular is good, but you could find yourself with a huge problem down the line. The main issue that you are going to face may not even be on your rotation of home projects. Many time’s it’s easy to lose sight of certain problems because they aren’t in front of your face. For instance, think about the chimney. The fireplace may not get used a great deal, but there are still components there that need to be looked at. This becomes especially true for those that have masonry on the outside of the home that leads up above the roofing. Without proper maintenance of this area, you could find yourself with a heap of repairs, and that’s no good.

The Masonry Issue

Masonry is a great thing. It looks good, it gives your home a rustic feel, and it’s a great throwback to a simpler time. The problem, however, is that it doesn’t last nearly as long as many other raw materials. That’s not to say that it’s intrinsically bad for your home, but truth be told, there needs to be maintenance done to it from time to time. Mortar, brick, and other elements can erode due to the weather, trauma, and much more. Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate when it comes to this, so make sure that you keep that in mind as you move forward. As things start to erode, and issues start to manifest, it’s time to call in a professional.

Repairing Minor Issues

Minor masonry issues can be repaired with relative ease. It doesn’t cost you a great deal to call for an inspection and quick repair. This can be a matter of just filling in cracks, adding mortar to problem areas, and even restacking, shuffling, and changing out bricks that are broken, cracked, or leaking. These are simple measures that can be done fast, and can help bring about a certain longevity to your home’s overall design.

Waiting Too Long For Repair

For those that are putting off the issue because of cost, it’s imperative to not delay. Too often homeowners put off repairing masonry because of cost, or inconvenience of time. This is a dangerous proposition. When you do not fix minor issues up front, you will be risking water damage and worsening conditions. If you wait for something drastic to go wrong, you will have to not only repair the issue, you may have to rebuild completely.

Furthermore, the damage that can be done is not just visual. You may have leaks in your chimney, and water could get into the drywall, foundation and more. When water seeps into the home, even a little bit, you will end up with damage that could cause more than just an eyesore; you could be risking your health due to mold spore growth. In the end, call for a quick fix.