Many homes around the country have fireplaces or wood burning stoves. This means that creosote is an ever present concern that must constantly be addressed. Regular visits from the chimney sweep can keep this from putting your home in danger. Many homeowners also rely on the growing list of creosote removal products. This is a good intermediate measure, but it should not replace professional chimney cleaning. Here are a few things you should know about these products.

Chimney Sweeping Log

The claims made about these products are sometimes overblown. Because of this, homeowners sometimes have unrealistic expectations. After using them, some people are surprised to learn how much creosote still is in the chimney when a sweep visits. This is not to say that these products do not work. Rather, it is important to understand exactly what they do. Generally, when you burn a creosote removal log, it releases chemicals that dry the creosote. Much of it will actually fall off the chimney’s interior walls. Since there will be less buildup, it will actually be safer to use the chimney. However, this is not meant to be a long term chimney solution. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you use this product in winter, there is no need for a chimney inspection in the summer. 

Creosote Removal Products

The list of these products is grown, and some sweeps use them to make the process easier. Like so many other products, they vary in quality. The first thing you should understand is using one does not mean that the creosote will go away. There will still be some work left for the chimney sweep to do. Using excessive amounts of these chemicals is not a good idea. Generally, after applying a creosote remover, you are supposed to scrub away the substance. Some homeowners apply the chemical and then leave it, expecting it to get rid of the creosote on its own.

Quality chimney cleaning chemicals can help to make the chimney safe to use. If you use one of these products, this can actually help to lessen the time it takes to clean the chimney. Before buying a creosote remover, talk to your chimney sweep so you don’t waste money on the wrong product. Creosote buildup can be a real danger, so do your part to keep this to a minimum. Be sure to get your annual inspections done as well.

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