Fire safety should be practiced in every home, and all family members should know the basic rules. Sometimes the simplest objects can create a hazard or block an exit. Everyone in the home should know the escape routes and how to get out of the house quickly. These tips will help to keep your family safe in the event of a fire.

  1. Sketch out the plan. All family members should be involved in the drafting of a fire escape plan. Draft a sketch and point out all of the escape routes. Look for downloadable plans online to guide you. Make the plan easy enough for young children to understand.
  2. Make it easy to find your home. Your street should have a visible street sign, and your house should be clearly numbered. If there is an emergency this will make it easier for responders to find your home.
  3. Install smoke alarms. These devices should be installed in every room of the home. Choose smoke alarms that will signal the other alarms throughout the home. No matter where you are you will know if a fire starts.
  4. Learn emergency numbers. Part of your fire escape plan should involve posting all local emergency numbers. It is best that everyone memorizes these numbers, but young children may not remember the in an emergency.
  5. Understand the plan. Talk in detail to all family members to make sure that they all understand the escape plan. Assign individuals to be responsible for one or more children. The plan should also name the individuals who should also be ready to assist elderly or disabled family members.
  6. Designate a meeting spot. When everyone gets out of the home, they should head to a predetermined area. Make sure this spot is far enough from the home to keep you safe.
  7. Make windows accessible. Homes that have security grilles can pose a danger to anyone trying to escape a fire. Modify some of these grilles to add releases that will allow escape if there is a fire.
  8. Inform visitors about the plan. If you have friends or family members staying overnight, they need to know all about the fire escape plan. They can be responsible for getting their own children out, but a member of your household should have responsibility for guests.
  9. Stay out of the building. No matter what you forget, do not go back into the home if there is a fire. Do not enter the building until given the go ahead by the firefighters.

If a fire alarm sounds it is time to leave the home. If there is an escape plan in place, this increases the chances of everyone getting out safely.

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