Chimneys can have a number of issues during their lifetime, and some of them are linked to the flue. A poorly functioning flue can affect a chimney’s performance, and it increases the risk of a house fire as well. Flue liners are generally rigid, but if you need a replacement, you can consider the flexible type. Here are some reasons why this may be a good choice for your chimney.

  • Slower creosote accumulation. This is a bothersome substance that you need to clear out of the chimney each year. With a flexible flue liner these deposits will not build up as rapidly as is the case with rigid types. Heat causes the flexible liner to expand and contract, which loosens some of the creosote.
  • Easy installation. These days, homeowners are happy with any installation that takes less time. The process is much easier with flexible liners than it is with the rigid type. Rigid liners are usually placed inside the chimney in sections, whereas the other type can usually fit into the chimney in one piece. This also means that the installation will be less expensive.
  • Suitable for different chimneys. Chimney structures come in different shapes and sizes. Some types have bends with make it more challenging to put in the standard flues. This process will be less complicated with a flexible liner.
  • Low maintenance. Maintenance is essential for chimney function and safety. Since flexible liners slow creosote buildup, cleaning out the flue will be a much easier task. It is possible to remove the liner for cleaning if necessary. This will allow the technician to carry out a more efficient cleaning and possibly save you some money.
  • A more efficient chimney. A flexible flue helps to improve the draft from the chimney, and this in turn increases the overall performance. This will also increase energy efficiency in the home.
  • Increases safety. Since there will be less creosote in the flue, this reduces the risk of a chimney fire. The chimney will not only be more efficient, it will also be safer to use.

While flexible flue liners offer significant advantages, this does not mean that they are ideal for every type of chimney. If you need a flue replacement and you are considering this type, it is best to talk to a qualified chimney technician first.

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