We’ve all seen the commercials for the chimney sweeping logs that are supposed to keep everyone’s chimney clean and creosote free, but do they really work? How is it possible to burn that and remove the creosote from your chimney when the firewood you are already burning adds creosote to your chimney?

Well, the cleaning log itself is not what is cleaning your chimney; instead it is the chemicals that are placed inside that cleaning log. As the chemicals burn out of the log, they spread all over the sides of the chimney and break down the creosote.

I’m not sure how you feel about burning chemicals, but we don’t really like to burn them, because of the fumes and other hazards. According to the label on the cleaning logs, the chemicals might reduce the creosote inside your chimney and if it does. There is no guarantee. They will only reduce it by approximately sixty percent. Then once the creosote is broken down, it is still inside your chimney, because no one has removed it.

So, basically the cleaning logs may or may not remove some of your creosote by loosening it, but it will still be attached to the walls of your chimney. Some of that loose creosote may fall over time, but you will have no idea when that will be. While it can be swept up easily once it falls, it can be dangerous if it falls when a fire is burning. Creosote is extremely flammable and if it comes in contact with a fire, that fire can spread out of control very quickly.

Here is what we recommend to prevent buildup of creosote and how to remove it:

  1. We recommend only burning firewood that is dry and well seasoned.
  2. We also recommend that you have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

We realize that everyone wants to see the good in many items, especially the ones that seem like they can save you time and money. However, we can’t recommend that you use these logs as your primary chimney cleaning method, because we want to make sure that you and your family are safe when you are using your fireplace. The only way that we can keep you safe is by coming out and looking at your chimney while we are cleaning it every year.

Give us a call at 610-626-2439 if Lou Curley’s Chimney Service can assist you with your chimney needs this year. Make sure to schedule your post-winter chimney inspection and cleaning by spring so we can get you on the schedule. Don’t wait until the end of summer, because that’s when our rush starts. Plan early and get it over with early.