A chimney cap is a necessity for your chimney because it can keep rain and other weather elements from finding their way down your chimney. The chimney cap can also keep out debris and small animals, which can block your chimney and start a fire. Here are the types of chimneys as well as the best caps for each one:

Metal Roof Top Chimney

A metal rooftop chimney will need a specific style of chimney cap, depending on if the chimney is solid insulated or air cooled. A standard chimney cap can be used on a solid pipe, but a cap that allows the air to flow will need to be used on air cooled chimneys. It is important that you use the proper cap or you can cause the smoke to billow back into your home when the chimney is in use.

Metal with Chase Chimney

Some metal chimneys have a chase chimney surrounding it which looks like a real masonry chimney. With this type of chimney, it is easy to hide the metal chimney with a chimney shroud. These shrouds are decorative and can add more visual appeal to a chimney and roof.

Masonry Chimney with Flue

A masonry chimney with a flue will need to be covered with a single flue cap. Some masonry chimneys have multiple flues and each flue is attached to a specific appliance. These flues will need a multi-flue cap. All single and multiple flue caps come in a variety of styles and sizes as well as materials and colors.

Masonry Chimney No Flue

These types of chimneys will need to have a single flue or multi-flue cap placed on top using mounting brackets. Another option for this type of chimney is installing a decorative shroud, which will add visual appeal and an additional architectural element to your roof.

You do not really have a choice but to install a chimney cap on your chimney. These caps can prevent your chimney from being damaged by the rain, which will save you money on costly repairs. Chimney caps can also make your chimney look nicer as it sits up in the middle of your roof, so don’t discount the added expense of a custom chimney cap created by a local metalsmith.

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