4 Things to do now that it’s officially FallYour fireplace and chimney probably aren’t on the forefront of your mind with summer just settling in on us here in the City of Brotherly Love. We’re probably looking at temperatures in the 90s for the next month or so, depending on when fall decides to rescue us from the sweltering heat. I’m writing this blog post today to remind you that spring is the best time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, but summertime works, too. Here are several reasons that support my claim:

Protect the Chimney Structure

Moisture from spring and summer rainstorms mix with the soot and creosote to form sulfuric and hydrochloric acids that damage the chimney structure from the inside.

Summer Downdrafts

You know that nice, musty, sour smoke odor that wafts through the house during a hot summer thunderstorm? That smell is damp creosote, and it wouldn’t happen if your chimney was cleaned and deodorized.

Critters that Sought Refuge

Some of the most common creatures found in the chimney include snakes, squirrels, raccoons, and birds. Remember my story about the raccoon in the house? Make sure no little creatures have made a home in your chimney before fall. Install a chimney cap if you haven’t already.

Clean While the Chimney Isn’t in Use

This is probably the most important reason to clean during spring or summer. Your chimney isn’t usually in use during the heat of the summer, so cleaning is easy and doesn’t disrupt the heating of your home.

Gives You Time for Repairs

If your yearly inspection is during the summer, it gives you plenty of time to make necessary repairs. Deterioration of the mortar must be repaired. Deterioration of the flue must be addressed by replacing the entire flue before your next fire.

Avoid Long Waits

Many homeowners put off chimney work until the fall, making it nearly impossible to get an appointment in the fall months. Requesting a cleaning and inspection during spring or summer ensures that you’ll avoid long waits for your chosen chimney sweep.

Enjoy Your Summer!

Philadelphia is full of fun summertime activities for young and old. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your summer, especially after the rough winter we had this year. When you’re ready to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, call me to schedule an appointment. Make sure to have time to talk with me and answer questions I may have about your fireplace (or wood burning stove) and your chimney structure. I may need to schedule more than one appointment if repairs are needed. Repairs to masonry take time to dry and cannot usually be pushed into a single visit with other repairs.