Despite the fact that chimney maintenance is so important, a few people tend to either forget about it, or put it off till the next year. Occasionally this is simply a failure to make it a part of the annual home maintenance schedule. If you talk to any qualified chimney technician, you will learn why just one visit each year is enough to help make your chimney function better and make your home safer.

When you make an appointment with a chimney sweep for a cleaning, a thorough inspection will be part of the service. The technician can point out any signs of damage that can pose a danger when you try to use the chimney. A visual inspection will cover areas like the flashing, crown, firebox, damper and the hearth. The technician will also inspect the mortar for cracks or spalling, which can become expensive problems if you fail to deal with them quickly.

Reasons for Routine Maintenance

When your chimney is inspected each you, you can use it without worry, since you know that it is clean and in good condition. You can relax even if long winter periods require frequent use of the fireplace. The main benefits of regular chimney maintenance are:

  • Whether you have a fireplace or wood stove, a clean chimney greatly improves efficiency
  • You can find problems early and fix them to avoid more expensive repairs later on
  • This lowers the risk of a chimney fire caused by excess creosote, making the home safer
  • This ensures that the chimney is ready for any type of fuel, whether it is wood, gas, coal or oil
  • Regular maintenance extends the life of the chimney
  • The prevention of foul odors entering the home from wet creosote
  • It prevents carbon monoxide from entering the home
  • Maintenance guards against structural damage which is expensive to repair, and can also affect other sections of the house
  • It ensures that the smoke leaves the home the way it is supposed to

Any debris in your chimney raises the risk of smoke or carbon monoxide entering the home when you use your fireplace. A full inspection is the only way to prevent this from happening. With the right preventative maintenance measures in place, you may never have to deal with major chimney repairs.

A qualified chimney sweep should have modern equipment to carry out full inspections and detect even the smallest flaws quickly. Make chimney maintenance a regular part of your home maintenance routine and reap a number of benefits. Call us at 610-626-2439 for an appointment for a consultation.