Fall and winter are the most popular months for chimney repair scams because it’s a very busy time of year for all qualified chimney sweeps. Scam artists know that they can prey on people who may have waited too long to schedule their chimney cleaning because of the nicer weather we’ve had this year. Now that it’s mid-December and the weather is starting to turn cold again, we see more active chimneys throughout the area. We would like to share some tips with you on how to avoid a chimney sweep scam.

  • Don’t hire a door-to-door salesman as your chosen chimney sweep. Certified chimney sweeps in the area stay busy during the winter months. We don’t go door to door to drum up business, and we won’t visit you just to inform you that we looked at your chimney from the curb and it looks like it’s having problems. That is not how this business works.
  • Don’t fall for too good to be true where pricing is concerned. Please keep the saying you get what you pay for in mind where chimney cleaning and inspections are concerned. Don’t fall for promises of top notch service for half the price of the competition.
  • Don’t schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep who calls you first. Like going door to door, a certified chimney sweep won’t call you unsolicited. You should be the person who makes initial contact with the chimney sweep service that you feel you can trust.
  • Don’t let fear cause you to jump at the first opportunity for a chimney inspection. Chimney repair scam artists will use every possible tactic to get your money. They will explain the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and try to convince you that you need to hire them today to repair your chimney. They may even make up some reason that your chimney looks damaged from the curb. Don’t fall for these tactics. Call us for a chimney inspection and cleaning.
  • Don’t work with anyone who can’t show a business license or chimney related certifications. Anyone can slap a sticker on their truck, buy t-shirts with a logo on them, and call themselves a chimney sweep. They may even do a pretty good job cleaning your chimney. But the risks involved in hiring someone who is not formally trained generally outweigh the price difference in hiring a certified chimney sweep. Certifications help us recognize potential problems before they get out of hand. They allow us to use our education and experience to our advantage when diagnosing problems with the chimney, flue, or fireplace. An uncertified chimney sweep may not have that level of education or experience.

Many homeowners don’t really think about having the chimney, flue, or fireplace cleaned until fall or winter. Winter is definitely high risk for chimney scams because many of the legitimate chimney sweeps in the area are booked for the next 45-60 days. Keep an eye out for potential scams and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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