As the winter season starts to near, it is time to take look at fireplace safety. During a winter storm you will use the fireplace frequently, so you should be able to have peace of mind in addition to comfort. One thing to remember is that any type of fireplace can pose a danger if not used correctly. 

  1. Do not overuse artificial logs: these logs burn hotter than wood so using too many will produce too much heat in the chimney. This increases the risk of a fire and it can also cause damage to the internal metal components.
  2. Use appropriate fuels: only wood or approved artificial logs belong in your fireplace. Do not attempt to use any other type of burnable material just for the sake of warmth or to start a fire. These materials may produce toxic gases in the home.
  3. Keep fires under control: you may want the biggest fire possible for maximum warmth, but this is not always a good idea. A big fire can cause damage to the chimney and ignite any creosote inside. Keep the fire under control by consistently adding logs to provide constant heat.
  4. Slow creosote buildup: creosote from wood burning is inevitable, but you can keep it from building up too quickly. Use properly seasoned wood in the fireplace, and use only the highest quality artificial logs.
  5. Open the damper: you should also ensure that the damper is open before starting a fire. Otherwise smoke could quickly fill the home. It should remain open until the fire goes out completely.
  6. Position logs properly: put the logs as close to the back of the fireplace as possible. You will still get heat but there is less chance of sparks leaving the firebox.
  7. Keep an eye on your fire: if you are leaving the room or going to bed, it is best to put out the fire. You should never leave a fire going if you will not be in the room.
  8. Safeguard the home’s interior: keep furniture and other burnable items a safe distance from the fireplace. Using a fireplace grate or safety glass will also prevent sparks from posing a risk.
  9. Keep decorations away: do not hang any decorations near the fireplace. These can sometimes catch fire which can spread to other parts of the home.

As an important part of fireplace safety, you should have a fire extinguisher nearby. All family members should know the numbers for emergency services, and they should be told what to do if a fire starts.

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