Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that the chimney is a maintenance-free part of the home. Unfortunately, this is not true. Chimneys need maintenance just like the rest of the house and it is better if you have your chimney maintained before the bad weather hits. Once fall and winter arrive, you will want or need to use your fireplace and if the chimney is in bad shape, that could pose a problem.

Here are 5 reasons why you should weatherproof your chimney before fall:

  1. If you have your flashing waterproofed, it will help prevent water damage from occurring to both the chimney and the roof. Once water damage has begun, it can spread through the roof and affect the walls and the floor of the house. You might not even notice that you have water damage until it is really severe.
  2. If your chimney crown is cracked, water can seep into the rest of the chimney and cause damage. This damage may appear as water rings in the ceiling or water damage on the walls. It may also remain hidden and cause serious structural problems in the attic and the roof.
  3. A chimney cap is not only important for keeping animals out. It is also necessary to keep water from pouring down the chimney and cracking the mortar and bricks.
  4. If you have cracks in the mortar or loose and deteriorating bricks, then you already have water damage. If you do not have someone find where the water is coming in and fix it, you will quickly have more damage.
  5. Chimneys can actually lean to one side if the damage is only located on one side. It can happen rather suddenly and this is not safe for you or your house.

It is best to have your chimney weatherproofed instead of having to pay large amounts of money having repairs done. If you are able to do it before the fall season, you will not have to worry about whether or not you are able to use your fireplace.

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