You may think that you don’t really need anything to go with your fireplace other than wood. After all, it’s a big hole in the wall with a chimney that you throw that wood into and light it with a match. Not really a big deal, right?

Well, there are a few things that we recommend that you have, as these items will make operating your fireplace much easier and safer.

Here are 4 fireplace accessories you must-have in your home:

Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen is designed to keep all those popping and flying embers inside the fireplace and away from your furniture, carpet, and you. We recommend them, because they prevent small fires from starting where they shouldn’t, and they keep you from getting burned.

Wood Holder

You need a place to hold the wood inside your home, and a wood holder is the perfect solution. This storage unit will keep the logs up off the floor and it only holds a small amount of wood. It also will allow you to see when it is time to head back outside to grab more wood.


Bellows were really popular hundreds of years ago, but they can still be used today to make your life much easier when building a fire. Bellows help push large amounts of air into the fire, which will help it build much faster. It is definitely a lot easier than sitting there blowing on it with your mouth.

Fire Tools

Fire tools are often sold as a set and come complete with tongs, a poker, a shovel, and a brush. All these tools will come in handy at some point, but you will get the most use out of the poker and the shovel. We do recommend keeping these items out of reach of small children as they can be heavy and certain items are sharp.

You can try to get away without purchasing any of these fireplace accessories, but we do not think that you will get too far with your fires. After all, you cannot touch burning logs with your bare hands, nor can you capture all flying embers and put them back into your fireplace. We want you to enjoy your fires and relax in front of them, and these fireplace accessories will allow you to do just that.

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