Being a homeowner has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include the ability to remodel, replace appliances, or paint whenever we like. Disadvantages include home maintenance and repairs; most of them just aren’t fun. One of the home maintenance items that gets put off or not many homeowners think about is dryer vent cleaning. Keeping dryer vents maintained yearly will prevent fires, extend the life of the dryer, increase your overall health, and save energy.

Fire Safety

Each year there are an estimated 15,000 dryer fires in the United States. The most usual ignition source is caused by a clogged and dirty dryer vent. As lint collects in the dryer vent system, the dryer can overheat, throw a spark, and cause a fire. We want to leave the fires that are caused by lint up to the boy scouts not our dryers.

Extend the Life of the Dryer

Air cannot circulate properly when the dryer vent is clogged. This means that the dryer has to work harder than usual to do its job. The efficiency in your dryer will increase after getting the vents clean, because your dryer won’t have to work twice as hard. When your dryer cycle takes longer than normal, that’s usually a sign that it is time for a good cleaning.

Health Benefits

An average family household gets sick a few times a year, and that is completely normal. If you find yourself staying really sick all the time, and not be able to kick it to the curb – it’s time to examine your home. A poorly maintained dryer is a major health risk to you and your family. Dryers can produce allergens – such as mold and that is something we definitely want to avoid. Gas dryers can cause health risks as well- which is carbon monoxide, if not properly vented.

Energy Saver

There are many components in our home that run off of electricity, and the dryer is one of those in many homes. Laundry is a never-ending chore that most families do not enjoy doing, but it has to be done. When the hose becomes clogged, the running time will have a tendency to increase. This results in excess energy expenditures of up to thirty dollars a month.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Drexel Hill

In conclusion choosing to keep your dryer vents regularly maintained every year will save you in the long run. You will be able to prevent your house from burning down, save hundreds of dollars by not having to buy a brand new dryer, and also keep your medical and energy costs down. Dryer vent cleaning is something that every homeowner can do, but it is also a very messy chore.

The CDET and CSIA certified chimney sweeps in Drexel Hill at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service have helped many homeowners with the chimney, utility flue, and the dryer vent. Call us at 610-626-2439 if you need a chimney sweep or someone to clean the dryer vent to help prevent dryer fires.