There are times that chimneys can survive much longer than the buildings that they stand next to. That isn’t surprising if they were constructed properly from masonry and taken care of over the years. However, that isn’t to say that they do not have their issues after being used for so many years.

Here are 3 common problems that you may find in your older chimney:


If you believe that your chimney is leaning, well, you aren’t seeing things. Your chimney’s foundation is beginning to deteriorate, which happens after many years, and that is what is causing the leaning. This is an urgent matter and needs to be repaired immediately. If you do not have it fixed, your chimney can fall and take part of your home with it. We know that you really do not want a hole in your wall or your ceiling, let alone your chimney sitting in the middle of your home.

Cracks in the Bricks and Masonry

Your bricks and masonry may have been sturdy and maintained for all these years, but the weather, heat, and moisture can do significant damage over time. Water is the biggest culprit as it can seep into the bricks where it then freezes, thaws, and freezes once again. When the water does that, it causes cracks, and those cracks become larger over time. Regular chimney cleaning and inspections will help you keep an eye on your bricks and masonry, so that you can catch any cracks when they are small. This will prevent major damage from occurring and creating a catastrophe.

Cracks in the Chimney Liner

Chimney liners seem to last forever, but they do wear out at some point, and some older chimneys do not even have one. A chimney liner will help your chimney vent properly, so that the bricks are not exposed to the heat. There are different types of chimney liner materials, but metal liners are the most popular as they are easiest to install.

These are the three most common problems with older chimneys, so do not be surprised if you happen to notice them with yours. Of course, if you have an older chimney and do not have these issues yet, we recommend continuing with your yearly cleanings and inspections. That way you can spot these issues quickly and have them repaired before it is too late.

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