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We’re Delaware County’s Gas/Oil Furnace & Boiler Flue Relining Experts

As homeowners, we tend to take our furnaces and boilers for granted, often forgetting that they sometimes need attention. While your HVAC contractor may service your furnace or boiler annually to make sure the appliance itself is working properly, there are some misconceptions about what’s included in that annual service.

  • For one, you may think that your HVAC contractor cleans the flue that vents the appliance, but that’s not the case. You’ll need to hire a CSIA-certified chimney sweep to have your flue cleaned each year.
  • Secondly, you may think your HVAC contractor inspects the flue that vents the appliance, but that’s also not true. Your HVAC contractor does not inspect the flue for damage, and chances are, if damage is present, they will not offer flue relining services. In our experience, even when HVAC contractors do offer flue relining, the work is not done to our standards.
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But just like the chimney venting your fireplace or stove, the chimney flue that vents your gas or oil furnace or boiler needs to be annually inspected, cleaned as needed, and relined if damage or deterioration is present.

Why & When Do Gas/Oil Furnaces And Boilers Need To Be Relined?

Both gas and oil appliances produce moisture and byproducts that can corrode and eat away at the metal or masonry flue liner. Once holes and cracks develop and corrosive byproducts build up, the flue will not function as efficiently or as safely as it should, and will need to be relined. You may also need to reline when updating your furnace or boiler, or when switching fuel types. Each liner must be sized and approved for the appliance and the fuel that it’s venting.

We’ll Do The Job Right

If you think you may need to have your boiler or furnace flue relined, give us a call. Oil and gas furnaces and boilers have different liner requirements, but our experienced furnace flue relining experts have the knowledge and training to outfit your flue with the perfect liner and do the job right. We do everything according to manufacturer’s instructions and requirements, so you know the job is done right, your warranty is intact, and your chimney system is ready to go.

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In the right situation, relining your chimney with HeatShield® may save you the expense of a complete chimney relining. Ask us for more information.