Wynnewood, PA – Where Classic Colonial Style Meets Modern Convenience


wynnewood, pa

Wynnewood is one of many communities located on the Pennsylvania Main Line, the historical and socio-cultural region of suburban Philadelphia. The population reaches nearly 15,000, due in part to the local colleges and universities. Wynnewood is a wonderful place to visit or to live because of the convenience and overall atmosphere of the city.

Many of the suburban neighborhoods are lined with gorgeous colonial style homes with impressive roofs and chimneys. As a certified chimney sweep, I take notice of these things in a way most people probably don’t. If you’re new to the area or simply looking for a chimney sweep for your fireplace and chimney needs, give me a call at 610-626-2439.

Parks and Recreation

Despite the city atmosphere and abundance of colleges, universities, and high rise office buildings, Wynnewood is home to several great parks. Here are a few ideas for nature lovers all over Wynnewood:

I’m probably missing several others, but those are some of the most popular and well-known parks and recreational spots in the area.

College Town

Several colleges call the Wynnewood area home, or are within an easy commute. Colleges in the immediate area include Drexel University, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia University Research Center, Elwyn Institute, Gesalt Therapy Institute, and Master’s Commission Bible Institute.

Several types of schools reside within the Wynnewood postal district (19096). Many are private schools with prestigious alumni. You may find any variety of school here ranging from Catholic to all-boys or all-girls schools, or private Christian schools. Here are a few other schools and educational facilities:


The Wynnewood Shopping Center is the largest shopping center in the Wynnewood zip code. It houses Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Giant, and many other smaller stores. Make sure to keep an eye out for locally owned businesses in the smaller stores; you can usually find some incredible deals that just aren’t available in your average big-name retail store.

Wynnewood Square is on East Lancaster Ave and home to GNC, Wynnewood Eye Care, EB Games, and several great restaurants. Also keep an eye out for locally owned stores in Wynnewood Square. They’re often smaller without all of the flashy signs, so you have to really pay attention.

The Whole Foods Shopping Center is aptly named for the Whole Foods store located within. The surrounding area has several other great places to eat and shop.

Local Small Business Owners Appreciate Neighborhood Support

I know I mentioned buying local a couple of times already, but I’d like to bring it up again. The lifeblood of locally owned business is local support from members of each community. Consider supporting local farmers by purchasing your produce, meat, and cheese products from them. Always keep an eye out for locally owned stores when you’re out and about.

As a local business owner myself, I understand the importance of neighborhoods doing business close to home. I provide all types of chimney, fireplace, and wood stove services throughout the west and northwest Philadelphia area. I meet a variety of homeowners on a daily basis, and enjoy getting to know each and every one of them. Many call on my services year after year or in the case of an emergency surrounding their chimney.

Call on your local HVAC business for your heat pump, support local farmers during the growing seasons, look for local arts and crafts stores for gifts for loved ones, and hire local service providers such as photographers, plumbers, electricians, and of course, chimney sweeps. We can all do a lot to support local businesses in our area and improve our local economy in the process.

Common Chimney Problems in Wynnewood

I mentioned earlier that many Wynnewood homes boast incredibly beautiful chimneys. Our neighborhoods are home to some of the most impressive homes in western Philadelphia. Those old chimneys often come with built-in problems that take homeowners by surprise. Some of those problems may include chimney blockages, cracked or damaged flue, creosote buildup, cracked or damaged chimney, damaged or missing chimney cap, or damaged chimney flashing.

Always call on the services of a certified chimney sweep in the event that you notice problems with your chimney. A local general contractor or mason will be able to assist with a damaged chimney but they aren’t certified to replace or repair the flue, or lining. Relining the flue should always be left to a CSIA certified chimney sweep.

Call me for a consultation or to schedule a cleaning or inspection for your fireplace and chimney. Schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection at least once per year for best results and for the health and safety of your fireplace.