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Historic Facts about Wayne, Pennsylvania that May Interest You


Founded in 1880, Wayne, Pennsylvania has a bit of a past. Did you know that founder J. Henry Askins originally named the town Louella after his daughters Louisa and Ella? Or that the Anthony Wayne Theater was named for the Revolutionary War General who is also the new namesake for the town itself? Let’s take a look at a few more things you may not know about Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Modern day Wayne is much different and more populated than it was in the late 1800s when it was founded. It is home to nearly 32,000 people and a variety of businesses, schools, and churches. Wayne is located in Radnor Township, Delaware County. The population continues to grow due in large part to the local economy, relative closeness to colleges, and the small town atmosphere.

Wayne, PA History

Simply driving through the neighborhoods in Wayne can be quite an eye-opening experience. Many of the homes have been restored to their original historic beauty while others have been built onto and remodeled to add even more charm. Many area homeowners have called me to inspect and clean their chimney and fireplace, or line the flue that hadn’t previously been lined due to the lack of regulations when the home was originally built.

Wayne was originally roughly 293 acres, which was the amount of land purchased by J.H. Askins. This was the area he dubbed Louella after his daughters. He built an 80-room stone home which overlooked a perfectly manicured lawn in which he and his family lived and entertained guests.

Louella was purchased in 1880, along with the surrounding land, and developed into a thriving community. A 1887 brochure boasts the addition of water, light, and drainage to the area in effort to bring more attention to the booming modern city they were attempting to create.

Education and Culture

Several elementary, middle, and high schools are available to the citizens of Wayne. Those schools include the Radnor Township School District, Tredyffrin/Easttown School District, and Upper Merion Area School District. High schools include Radnor High School, Conestoga High School, or Upper Merion Area High School.

Private or Catholic schools include St. Katherine’s, Arch Bishop Carrol, and The Valley Forge Military Academy and College. Several other private schools are located nearby.

Parks and Recreation

Parks are a great spot to relax and enjoy your down time. Some of the most popular parks in Wayne include Fenimore Woods Park, Odorisio Park, Encke Park, Friends of Radnor Trail Park, Warren Filipone Memorial Park, Cowan Park, Bo Connor Park, and Strafford Park.

Each of these parks offers a great spot to walk, relax in the shade, or play with the kids or dog while enjoying the great outdoors.

Notable People and Places

Wayne, like many other small towns, has its fair share of famous citizens and locations. The Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad was a very popular and prestigious location to live throughout history, so many notable people and places may be acknowledged, including:

  • J. Drexel
  • W. Childs
  • General Anthony Wayne
  • Diane Meredith Belcher
  • Mark Herzlich
  • Ned Martin
  • Lisa Raymond
  • Thomas F. Wilson

Locally Owned Businesses

As you would suspect from such a rich history, Wayne is full of locally owned businesses. Look for locally owned businesses and famers’ markets when you’re doing your normal household shopping, and shopping for gifts as well. Today’s economy makes it difficult for small, locally owned business owners to make ends meet. Support from local neighborhoods makes it possible for them to survive and thrive.

Historic Style and Modern Conveniences

Wayne is an impressive combination of historic and modern architecture. Many of the restored homes still boast their original structural appearance from foundation to chimney cap. Some of the massive chimneys have been rebuilt to industry standards including the installation of a chimney liner to bring it up to date with safety codes established in the 1980s.

Some of our older neighborhoods are home to a lot of very impressive homes. The old chimneys on those homes often come with their own set of problems. Some of those problems may include chimney blockages, cracked or damaged flue, creosote buildup, cracked or damaged chimney, damaged or missing chimney cap, or damaged chimney flashing. Remember to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep at least once each year to inspect and clean your chimney.

Lining or relining a historic chimney is no small job. Don’t trust the wrong type of professional for a job involving the chimney on your historic home. Call me at 610-626-2439 to schedule a consultation or an appointment for a chimney inspection and cleaning. Lou Curley’s Chimney Service is a small, locally owned business serving Wayne and the surrounding area. I’m CSIA certified and always provide top quality work.