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Welcome to Delaware County’s Oldest Town: Newtown Township

Newtown Township is often referred to as a Five Star suburban community for a variety of reasons. We have all of the bigger city convenience while maintaining a small town ambiance. We’re proud to say that many of our locally owned mom and pop style businesses have survived poor economic times, even with the addition of larger stores to the immediate area.

Established in 1681 as part of Chester County, Newtown became part of Delaware County in 1789, making it the oldest township in the county. Our rich culture is evident nearly everywhere you look. Many local public parks offer sanctuary to a variety of bird and animal life, and are available to all residents of the township who love to enjoy nature.

Historic Sites

Hood Octagonal School, built in 1842, is located on West Chester Pike, and was the last eight-sided one-room school used in Delaware County.

The last remaining covered bridge in Delaware County was built in 1860 and spans Crum Creek. Bartram’s Covered Bridge has been closed to traffic since 1941, and was restored in 1996. It was built high and wide as a load of hay so it would accommodate farmers hauling hay with horse drawn carts.

Paper Mill House, the mill workers’ home and general store was originally built in 1770 and added onto (to include the general store) in 1845. It was restored once in 1981 and then again in 2008. It now serves as the Paper Mill House Museum and headquarters of the Newton Square Historical Society.

Old St. David’s Church was built in 1715 and is the oldest non-Quaker church in the county. Several prominent people are buried in the graveyard at St. David’s.

Square Tavern is the childhood home of the famous painter Benjamin West. It was built in 1742 and restored in 1981, and then restored again in 2008. It’s also commonly referred to as The Square Inn and The John West House.

Many other historic sites may be found within Newtown Township, and I suggest that you make a point to seek them all out. Visiting the local historic sites is a very fun and educational experience.

Outdoor Living in Newtown, PA

Private landowners and the township have banded together to create an incredible walking trail system that spans the entire township. The three major walking trails that connect to form the expansive walkways include Goshen Road Walking Trail, Gable Park Walking Trail, and Liseter Trail and Park.

Other family-oriented parks include:

Greer Park, or Winding Way Park offers a pond, footbridge, stream, many play areas for children, and a great walking trail for those who enjoy nature walks.

Brookside Park offers a large all-purpose field for football, soccer, or softball, a children’s playground, and a great nature area.

Gable Park is centrally located at the Municipal Complex. The synthetic turf field was installed in 2009, and hosts players of all sorts of sports, including soccer, football, baseball, and lacrosse. A full court basketball court with six goals may be enjoyed by anyone looking to shoot some hoops, and there’s a dog park nearby for people who enjoy time outdoors with their furry friends.

Newtown PA Educational System

Our educational system is full of great places for school aged children. We’re part of the Marple Newtown School District which includes William Culbertson Grade School, Marple Newtown High School, and the following private or religious schools: Delaware County Christian School, Saint Anastasia Roman Catholic School, Episcopal Academy, Stratford Friends School, and Melmark Home and School.

The Small Town Atmosphere

Our little community is very proud of the small town atmosphere you feel upon entering the township. We like the idea of neighbors helping neighbors and supporting locally owned businesses. As the owner of a locally owned, successful business, I’d like to offer my services as well. Call Lou Curley’s Chimney Services if you’re in need of a chimney inspection or cleaning, or if your clothes dryer hose and vent need to be cleaned.

Our older neighborhoods are home to some of the most impressive homes in the area – hence our reputation as being a five star township. Those old chimneys often come with built-in problems that take homeowners by surprise. Some of those problems may include chimney blockages, cracked or damaged flue, creosote buildup, cracked or damaged chimney, damaged or missing chimney cap, or damaged chimney flashing. Remember to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep at least once each year to inspect and clean your chimney.