Narberth Chimney Cleaning


Narberth Borough, Pennsylvania – Where Local Businesses Thrive


Narberth Borough is a 0.5 square mile community situated in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and is home to a variety of locally owned small businesses. You can usually find everything you’re looking for locally instead of ordering online or driving into the city. Our business community includes retail shopping, restaurants, professional services and much more. View the business directory here for more details.

Life in Narberth

The overall size of the borough is only about one half of a square mile. It’s pretty safe to say that most of the residents know each other and are happy to support community owned businesses. The town itself is a very comfortable walking town, as you can park in a central location and walk from business to business with ease. Downtown Narberth is where you’ll find the majority of stores and public facilities. Here is where you’ll find the Narberth Theater, a small, double-screen cinema, which was also the town’s original movie house.

South of the train tracks, you’ll find South Narberth – the primarily-residential side of town. Local neighborhoods are part of the charm here. Tree-lined streets with meticulously kept lawns and flower gardens create a very lovely and serene atmosphere in which to live.

Older neighborhoods within the borough are home to some very beautiful old homes. Those old homes often have chimneys often with their own personalized set of built-in problems that often take homeowners by surprise. Some of those problems may include chimney blockages, cracked or damaged flue, creosote buildup, cracked or damaged chimney, damaged or missing chimney cap, or damaged chimney flashing. Remember to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep at least once each year to inspect and clean your chimney.


Narberth Borough students attend schools maintained by the Lower Merion School District. Schools include:

  • Marion Elementary or Belmont Hills Elementary
  • Bala Cynwyd Middle School or Welsh Valley Middle School
  • Lower Merion High School or Harriton High School

Religious or private schools in the area include Waldron Mercy Academy, Merion Mercy Academy, St. Margaret’s Elementary Catholic School and Torah Academy in Wynnewood.

Parks and Recreation

The Narberth Playground and the Sabine Avenue Playground are the two primary recreational facilities in the borough. Together they provide two basketball courts, a field area, three tennis courts, a basketball court, and playgrounds for younger children. Children may participate in the Narberth Borough-sponsored fall soccer program, spring baseball program, and summer basketball program in addition to many other recreational activities.

Finding local businesses and professional services in Narberth isn’t a difficult process. I am a Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) Certified Chimney Sweep. I provide chimney services to homeowners and businesses alike. Remember to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection at least once per year to ensure the overall health of your chimney.