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A Brief Introduction to Haverford Township, Pennsylvania


Haverford is an upbeat, friendly, and family oriented town with a lot of outdoor activities available throughout the year. The Township of Haverford is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. The small town atmosphere is a breath of fresh air. We still believe that the best quality of life is found within the community, not expressed through personal wealth.


Walking through the streets of Haverford is like a lazy stroll on a Sunday afternoon. There’s always something beautiful to look at, and you often see the friendly faces of your neighbors as they’re out and about, running errands or simply enjoying the town. The neighborhoods themselves are well manicured and have a very nice balance of greenery and residential homes.

Town center still boasts small, locally owned businesses, because many of our residents choose to purchase local goods instead of shopping online or in the city. Many of the buildings in town are historic reminders of where we came from and how we can band together to make something beautiful. The brick storefronts along Darby Road and Eagle Road are beautiful reminders of the past, and these buildings have been maintained beautifully throughout the years.

Farmers’ Markets are very common during spring, summer, and fall. Residents often make an entire day trip of visiting several key locations to purchase incredible tasting locally grown fruits and vegetables. Local farmers put a lot of hard work and dedication into providing the best they can offer. We applaud their efforts by attempting to purchase from them as often as possible.

Older structures with older chimneys are my area of focus when I visit Haverford. I’m a Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) Certified Chimney Sweep with a local business in the area. I provide a variety of chimney services including inspection, cleaning, lining, and relining chimney flues. Many homeowners don’t realize that their furnace room, boiler, or gas burning appliances vent through a flue, just like a fireplace uses to vent smoke. That flue must also be maintained, cleaned, and inspected on a regular basis. That’s one of the best parts of my job; meeting homeowners and having the opportunity to discover hidden gems in our more historic neighborhoods.


The education system in Haverford TWP is nothing less than impressive. This town is all about family and maintaining the highest quality education we can provide children. We have a few different primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and higher education centers.

Haverford College is located on Lancaster Avenue. It is a private, coed liberal arts college. Roughly 60% of the college’s faculty lives on campus. Nearly all students reside on campus where they have access to a variety of housing options including apartments, themed houses, and of course, traditional dorms.

We still put a big focus on school sports because sports help teach our children discipline and self control under difficult situations. Teamwork is a major factor in playing sports, and this reaches much further than the team itself; our children understand how to work with their family as a team to accomplish great things in the neighborhood.

Outdoor Activities in Haverford TWP

Chilly Trail Run – Haverford participated in the 3rd Annual Chilly Trail run; a 5k run that is open to participants of all ages and fitness levels. The trail takes participants through roughly three miles of lovely trails in the Community Park at Haverford Reserve.

Hav-a-Rain Garden Program – The Hav-a-Rain Garden program is a fairly new initiative to build 100 new rain gardens in 10 years to enhance the waterways in Haverford. Workshops are available for people who are interested in helping with this very important program.

Haverford Township Tree Tenders – Many of the largest trees you see in Haverford were planted 75-100 years ago when our neighborhoods were initially being developed. We’ve lost several of the original trees over time, and primarily due to the average lifecycle of the particular types of trees. This program replaces trees that are lost while offering incentives for people who will plant large shade trees in their front yard.

Other Parks and Recreation

Haverford is home to many parks and recreational areas such as the Freedom Playground Pavilion; a park that caters to visitors of all ages and fitness levels. More than five miles of hiking trails greet residents who enjoy hiking, the playground was built by volunteers and accessible to all children, the dog park is perfect for people who include their pets on outdoor outings, the pavilion is available for musical festivals or other entertainment, and there are several sports fields and a recreation center. Residents of Haverford may reserve the Freedom Playground Pavilion for parties or any type of event.

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Notable People from Haverford

Nearly every town has a list of notable residents, and Haverford is no different. Our little town has the honor of being home to NBA All-star Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic, MLB player Ken Henderson, NHL All-Star John LeClair (now retired), actress and fashion model Karin Katherine Taylor, and many other notable people.


If you’re new to Haverford or are simply looking for something to do, I hope this overview has helped you locate what you’re looking for. Remember, if you’re looking to rent or buy a home here, or if you’re already a homeowner, many of the houses in our neighborhoods are old and in need of extra love and attention. Hire the appropriate contractors and inspectors to help with your household maintenance tasks. A quick look online should reveal a selection of plumbers, electricians, home inspectors, and chimney sweeps. Of course, I will also put out this entirely shameless plug and tell you to call Lou Curley Chimney Services any time to schedule your yearly chimney inspection and cleaning.