Chimney Cleaning and Inspection in Swarthmore



Swarthmore, PA is located in Delaware County and was originally part of Springfield Township. The borough was originally called Westdale after Benjamin West, an early resident and well-known painter. The name was changed to Swarthmore after Swarthmore College was established. Like many areas along the Main Line, it is rich with history and culture.

Swarthmore College was incorporated in 1864 and was among the first colleges to allow coeducational studies. The school was organized by a committee of Quakers, but dropped its religious affiliations in 1906. The college campus is 399 acres of gently rolling hills and magnificent architecture. It has three libraries and seven additional collections of books, making the total number of books more than 800,000.

Noteworthy Sites to Visit in Swarthmore

Swarthmore, like so many townships, villages, and boroughs along the Main Line, is full of history and culture. I’ve made note of a few must-see places whether you live here or are just passing through.

Benjamin West Birthplace – Benjamin West was a well-known artist who supported the works of other artists in the area. Swarthmore was originally called Westdale in honor of him. His birthplace is located on the Swarthmore College campus and shouldn’t be missed.

Ogden House – This historic three-story home was built in 1736. It boasts impressive stonework on the exterior of the home and on the chimneys.

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church – This impressive historic church was built in 1897 by William Lightfoot Price. He designed and built the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel in Atlantic City and other impressive structures as well. Mr. Price was also the founder of the Arden and Rose Valley communities.

Swarthmore SEPTA Station – Located between downtown Swarthmore and Swarthmore College on Chester Road, Swarthmore Station serves the Media/Elwyn Line. Hundreds of people still use this station on a daily basis.

Best Places to Eat in Swarthmore

Several restaurants in Swarthmore have made their mark on residents and people passing through alike. The restaurants I’ve chosen to name here have earned at least 4 out of 5 stars based on recent reviews.

320 Market Cafe – Enjoy anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to a full sit-down meal. This cafe is conveniently located in a shopping district and has large windows to view the happenings outside.

Broad Table Tavern – A light and airy atmosphere with nearly everything from hamburgers to gourmet dishes on the menu.

Antonia’s Restaurant – This family style diner is located on the strip and offers Greek, Italian, and American dishes.

Local Business Supports Local Business in Swarthmore

The Swarthmore, PA website is chock full of great information about the area if you’re looking for things to do while you’re here or seasonal activities for families. I’m sure you’ll find several things to participate in during each season.

Local business owners in Swarthmore look out for each other, and refer local business as often as they can. I’m a local business owner providing chimney cleaning services in Swarthmore and the surrounding area. I work with homeowners and business owners alike and provide a no nonsense solution to all chimney problems including relining the flue for central heating systems, gas or oil furnaces, boilers, or water heaters.

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