Chimney Caps


Chimney Cap

A cap is something every chimney should have!

The main benefits of having a chimney cap installed are:

They are guaranteed to keep out animals

  • Birds, squirrels, raccoons, or bats can easily enter an uncapped chimney. Animals carry diseases and can be destructive if they get into your living area.
  • When it starts to get cold, the warmth from a chimney is an attractive place for animals to build a nest. Animal nests can block the flow of exhaust gasses through a chimney which could cause smoke in the house, carbon monoxide in the house, or it could cause your heating system to shut off.
  • Most animals that get into a chimney can’t get out and end up dying in there. Without going into detail, let’s just say that a dead animal in a chimney is “unpleasant”.
  • Installing a cap is usually less expensive than removing an animal or nest from your chimney.

Chimney Caps keep out debris

  • Outside debris like branches, leaves, pine needles, etc. can get into an uncapped chimney and restrict the flow of exhaust gasses.
  • Debris can accumulate behind your fireplace damper making it difficult to open.

A Chimney Cap keeps out water

  • Water will erode the mortar between sections of a tile liner. The cost to repair missing mortar joints in the flue is very expensive, especially in relation to the cost to install a chimney cap.
  • Water will rust out your damper or any other metal components to a fireplace
  • .Water will do damage to your furnace exhaust pipes, and potentially to the furnace itself.

The 2 main chimney cap styles are:

Single Flue CapSingle Flue Caps – We sell a large variety of single flue cap sizes and styles. These caps are designed to cover one flue (you may need more than one). These caps come in stainless steel or copper and can be powder-coated to the color of your choice. All of these caps all carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. At all times we have the 3 most common sizes of stainless steel caps on the truck ready to install.

Installing a single flue cap is less expensive than removing an animal from the flue!

Multi-Flue CapsMulti-Flue Caps – Multi-flue caps are designed to cover several flues at once. These need to be installed when the flues are too close together to get on more than one cap. These also need to be installed when there is not enough flue tile sticking out to bolt on a single flue cap. Also, sometimes customers prefer the look of this style or would like a greater area of the chimney protected from water damage. These caps also come in stainless steel and copper and can also be powder coated to the color of your choice. All of these caps come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.